Terms & Conditions

PIAPA is a group formed to assist aesthetic practitioners with education and peer-to-peer support. We are an unincorporated association designed for medical practitioners only and membership is subject to the following terms and conditions. Any infringement will be addressed with member(s) who have breached the terms set out below.

1. General

i. All medical practitioners within the group will hold up to date and appropriate malpractice and public liability insurance while still practicing

ii. Practitioners will be expected to keep up to date with health and safety, industry & professional regulations and treatment techniques

i. Members MUST have medical indemnity insurance, any member found without this will have membership suspended until this has been obtained or renewed

ii. We expect our practitioner members to always put the patient first and present with them the full and unbiased information regarding treatments available

2. Payment and Cancellation

i. Payments to PIAPA are in full on an annual basis with a cooling off period of 14 days from date of payment. Any cancellation requests must be made within this time frame.

ii. All payments are on an auto-renew basis and can be cancelled within 14 days of the payment transaction

iii. Any cancellation request made after the use of a PIAPA promotional code for any purchase including subscriptions, events, tickets etc. will be refunded minus the value of the promotional code used

iv. Any member using a payment card or account other than his or her own must first get permission from the card or account holder.

v. Your membership is non-transferrable after purchase, anyone wishing to access the online area and other benefits of membership must do so with their own subscription.

3. Content and Communications

i.  Any content designed, held or distributed by PIAPA is intended for the receiver or member only and unless specified must not be shared with any other party without our permission.

ii. Passwords to our online members cannot be shared with other parties and anyone found to be doing so would be blocked from our online member zone.

4. Professional Information & Contact Details

i. All prospective members must provide us with their respective medical council PIN numbers and certificates of membership will only be issued upon receipt of these following checks of validity.

ii. Any changes in contact details must also be updated immediately including, phone, email and address.

iii.  Members must inform the association of any change in circumstances including fitness to practice hearings, dismissal, revocation of PIN number / license to practice, retirement and any other relevant changes to their position as Nurse, Doctor or Dentist.

iv. By submitting your professional details and contact details at sign-up / renewal you give PIAPA permission to store such information electronically for purposes of contact

5. Cancellation of Membership

i.  If any information provided is deemed misleading of false we have the right to revoke or suspend membership immediately until clarified

ii. PIAPA reserves the right to revoke membership from any member who has breached our terms and conditions and/or brought the association into disrepute.  We also hold the right to decline membership to any persons we feel is inappropriate or has existing restrictions on practice on their respective register.

iii. Any member who has had their medical license removed or found to put a patient(s) at direct and blatant risk will have their membership cancelled

iv. Any member who accuses another member or professional of malpractice or unprofessional conduct without facts or evidence will have their membership cancelled as this is classed as unsubstantiated defamation

6. Online Use and Conduct

i. Any PIAPA social media accounts including facebook, Twitter, Linked-in are used for the purposes of communication and networking and any member found inappropriately commenting or endorsing products or services on our pages or using our name without prior permission will be investigated and all comments or tags may be deleted.

ii. Online social media is not an appropriate platform to shame other members, professionals or the association and all complaints should, in the first instance be submitted to us directly where they will be considered and discussed. Anyone who doesn’t follow this procedure may have his or her membership revoked without refund.

iii. Any comments or advice imparted on our social media accounts or that have tagged PIAPA accounts are opinion of the individual posting that particular comment and not PIAPA.

iv. Members are entitled to opinion and debate and are encouraged to express themselves freely and respectfully. Members who continually argue over public forums in a personal and undignified manner will be warned and their membership may be re-considered at renewal if such behavior continues.

v. Photographs of patients should not be posted to any of our accounts without their permission and they should not be recognisable as an indvididual

7. PIAPA Branding

i.  PIAPA branding or comments cannot be used for self, product or company endorsement without acquiring our permission first

ii. PIAPA certificate of membership is for the use of members only who have been vetted against medical council registers and should only be displayed by current members

iii. The use of the ‘PIAPA Verified’ logo is exclusive to members only who have been checked against their respective medical registration at point of sign-up or renewal. The logo is not used as a guarantee of standards but a re-enforcement that the user is a medically qualified practitioner with necessary insurance to practice and part of a professional organisation that promotes learning and good practice.

8. Whistle Blowing

i. PIAPA is not an arbitration service, we do not dictate to members how to conduct their business but do expect them to act professionally and within the rules and guidelines of medical aesthetics. We will only address inter-member issues under the following circumstances:

ii. The conduct between two or more members is reflecting badly on the organisation and / or the profession

iii. A grievance is raised about the conduct of another member while in attendance of a PIAPA event or working under the PIAPA name

iv. A concern is raised regarding patient safety or wellbeing under the charge of fellow member. In this instance any serious concerns should be raised immediately with their governing medical council.

9. PIAPA Representative Advice, Guidance and Liability

i. PIAPA representatives are selected based on experience and knowledge and while members may seek advice and guidance from our representatives, the member accepts that ultimate liability cannot be placed upon the representative for their patient outcome or result.  If in doubt please also contact the product company or refer the patient to another more experienced practitioner should you feel unequipped to deal with their requests or indications.

ii. Advice given by PIAPA representatives is opinion based on their experience, knowledge and skill but is in no way finite or binding. Members who seek advice are strongly encouraged to also to research the topic or issue using official and known educational reading resources and where they feel necessary seek further opinion from other trusted practitioners.

iii. PIAPA will endeavor to respond to enquiries as soon as possible, prioritising that need support regarding treatment complications. If members are unable to contact PIAPA for whatever reason, they must refer to the drug/product manufacturer for assistance and if necessary a doctor’s surgery, medical centre or hospital.

PIAPA Contact Details:

Tel: 0330 111 7709

Email: info@piapa.co.uk

169-171 Cross st
M33 7JQ